Sex Therapy

Dr. Winegarden is the only clinical psychologist who is AASECT certified in sex therapy in the Central Valley.

What is a sex therapist?

AASECT Certified sex therapists are licensed mental health professionals trained to provide in-depth psychotherapy and who have specialized in treating clients with sexual issues and concerns. They are certified, registered, or clinical members of a national psychotherapy organization. Sex therapists work with simple sexual concerns also, but in addition, where appropriate, are prepared to provide comprehensive and intensive psychotherapy over an extended period of time in more complex cases.


A few of the areas Dr. Winegarden can help you with:

Desire Discrepancy Between Partners

When two partners do not share the same levels of sex drive or libido, it can mean they do not share the same desires

Performance Anxiety

Anxiety and panic caused by the thought of performing. People experiencing performance anxiety may worry about failing a task before it has even begun. They might believe failure will result in humiliation or rejection. While performance anxiety can occur with any task.

Anorgasmia-Difficulty Achieving Orgasm
Anorgasmia is delayed, infrequent or absent orgasms — or significantly less-intense orgasms — after sexual arousal and adequate sexual stimulation. Women who have problems with orgasms and who feel significant distress about those problems may be diagnosed with anorgasmia.
Erectile Issues
Occurs when a man can’t get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a physical or psychological condition. It can cause stress, relationship strain, and low self-confidence. The main symptom is a man’s inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.
Learning to Trust Again After an Infidelity
Be honest, use full disclosure about the affair, and find a way to atone or express remorse. Deal with the traumatic feelings after the discovery and be willing to ask and answer questions. Must end the affair. Be willing to apologize for cheating in a sincere way and promise not to repeat it.
Conflict Resolution
Conflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement among them. The disagreement may be personal, financial, political, or emotional. When a dispute arises, often the best course of action is negotiation to resolve the disagreement.
Alternative Relationships
What’s an alternative relationship? Long story short is that alternative relationships are any relationship outside the monogamy ‘norm. ‘ They take a wide variety of forms, including but not limited to ethical non-monagomy, consensual non-monagomy, polyamory, swinging, and being in an open relationship.
Polyamorous people have multiple loving, intentional, and intimate relationships at the same time. Polyamory is a type of open or non-monogamous relationship that follows certain guidelines. Polyamory specifically refers to people who have multiple romantic relationships at the same time.
BDSM is a variety of erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics. Given the wide range of practices, some of which may be engaged in by people who do not consider themselves to be practicing BDSM, inclusion in the BDSM community or subculture often is said to depend on self-identification and shared experience.
In human sexuality, kinkiness is using non-conventional sexual practices, concepts, or fantasies. The term derives from the idea of a “bend” in one’s sexual behavior, to contrast such behavior with “straight” or “vanilla” sexual mores and proclivities.
Transgender Issues
Get help with the things that are affecting you or trans people that are in your circle of influence. There are advancements occurring every day. Dr. Winegarden and her staff can help resolve issues causing your problems fitting into society with comfort and confidence.
Problematic Sexual Behaviors
Problematic sexual behavior in children and youth is defined as behavior initiated by children and youth under the age of 18 that involves using sexual body parts in a manner that is developmentally inappropriate or potentially harmful to the individual or individuals impacted by the behavior.

Individual Therapy

MindDivers will help you through the self-reflective process that teaches you to see the emotions and behaviors that constitute all relationships. Individual therapy usually involves an intense focus on improving your communication pattern with others. Personal or individual therapy is different than couple’s therapy. Typically, our therapist engages with the couple in a manner that identifies how their way of life is affecting the daily relationship. The results of individual therapy often proves to be inspiring by increasing your social skills.

Couples Therapy

Getting along is not always “automatic.” Everyone, EVERYONE, has ways about them and ways of doing things that are “set.” That’s okay. It is only when we forget that others are as set in their ways as we are in ourselves that the possibility of conflict can arise. Sadly, this conflict can become brutal. Our job is to guide you through therapeutic consultation sessions to find common ground and expand upon your individuality while helping you embrace the things about your partner that make them unique.

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