David Sommers

I try and find the best treatment approach to suit each patient; I trained in individual therapy, psychoanalytic orientation, as well as addictions, rst alcohol drug treatment program for Kaiser Permanente in Northern California and was the chief for many years. I work with adults, children, and adolescence.

I trained in psychoanalytic and developmental psychotherapy at Smith College in a post masters two year intensive program, I also completed a BCD US Board after my LCSW, and later a PhD in clinical psychology. I use a combination of treatment modality techniques to fit the best needs of my patients.

I have a bioscience view of patients, using my strong understanding of clinical medicine, and the psycho-social aspects of listening and talking with my patients to help them see how their experiences from the past help shape much of how they experience the present. Through taking a history from my patients background, I can help them relate their experiences from the past to events in the present. We use problem solving techniques , find better compromises to conflictual situations , and thus better ways to deal with the overall choices we make in our lives.